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Carmen is passionate about creating unique and stylish bags and purses that are perfect for everyday use. She takes great pride in creating products that are both beautiful and functional.

All of our bags are made using high-quality materials that are sourced locally in Bali, including traditional batik fabrics, linen, cotton and corduroy.

We are proud to share our love for Bali and its rich artistic culture through our handmade bags, and we hope you will love them too!

handmade with love & care

All of our bags are handmade on the island of Bali, Indonesia. We work closely with local artisans to create stunning, high-quality bags. Each and every bag is unique and made with love and care.

By choosing one of our bags, you are not only getting a beautiful accessory but also supporting the livelihoods of talented Balinese artisans, while also adding a touch of exotic charm to your wardrobe.